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You renewed ZoneAlarm, but it still has the incorrect number of days or says its expired.

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When you renew your existing ZoneAlarm product (did not purchase an upgrade, for example from a lesser product to Extreme is an upgrade).

In most cases you do not need to enter your license key again since your key is not replaced but  additional time is added automaticly to your original key.

You may need to shutdown and reboot your computer a few times for ZoneAlarm to communicate to our license servers to get the updated subscription information.

If that does not resolve your problem:

1. You can force ZoneAlarm to sync and update itself. You must be running version or greater to do this.

Open ZoneAlarm, click on the 'Tools' dropdown menu and select 'Synchronize License' (This requires an active internet connection to work)

2. Try inputing your license into ZoneAlarm, by following these directions: Click Here

If you need additional assistance with a paid ZoneAlarm product, please contact a live support agent using our Live Chat option below:

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Last Update: May 30, 2014
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