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I cannot access my VPN connection while running ZoneAlarm

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To configure a VPN connection through ZA, you will need some specialized
information. If you have questions regarding any of the following, it is
suggested you ask your network administrator for the appropriate

General information on setting up your VPN can be found using your help
system. Open The ZoneAlarm Pro console, then press F1.

- From the search tab, type VPN.
- Double-click on VPN (Virtual private Network).

When adding a host/site, ZA will automatically resolve and confirm the
domain as reachable before accepting the entry. Also, when adding a
subnet, the subnet mask must be known.

Note - Be sure that you do NOT have the box checked to Block Local Servers (found in the PROGRAM CONTROL -> PROGRAM panel), and that you do NOT have any protocols blocked that are required for your connection (for more specific information, see your network administrator).

ZA will recognize services and applications on the machine when they are
launched or a related service is invoked. For example this might be the
VPN client itself and related services such as Xauth and IKE services.

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If you need assistance with any ZoneAlarm product, please contact a Customer Service agent using our Live Chat option below:

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to help you. Click to chat.
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You can also call customer service at 877-966-5221, Live Chat is the prefered contact method and is faster.

Last Update: Jul 15, 2010
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