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I'm having trouble with my Internet connection while ZA is running

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The ZoneAlarm help files provide a comprehensive guide to
troubleshooting your Internet connection. To find out how to do this:

- Open ZoneAlarm, then press F1.
- From the search tab, type TROUBLESHOOTING
- Double-click on: 'Internet Connection'

If you continue to experience problems, please read this document
entirely -- there may be several possible answers to your problem.

If you are experiencing an error with your browser, getting a Page Not
Found message, this could be caused by several things:

* Your connection to the Internet (or Local network) has not completed yet
* ZA starts after the browser (for highest security, ZA should start as a
service (by checking the box on the OVERVIEW -> PREFERENCES Panel to
Load At Startup)
* Browser protection software (sometimes found in Antivirus products
or System Tool programs) may be interfering with your connectivity
* Ad-blocking programs can cause this on some web pages
* The browser does not have the rights it needs (i.e. Netscape 6 and
higher require Server rights. To find out how to do this:
- Open ZoneAlarm, then press F1
- From the Index tab, type SERVER
- Then double-click on: 'Granting a program permission to act as a server.'

If you can't determine the source of the problem, try the following:
- Close all applications
- Be sure that ZA is running before starting other software
- Restart your browser
- Restart your ad-blocking or privacy software

Note for Cable Modem Users: If your cable modem uses a non-routable
IP address (IP such as 10.x.x.x, or 192.168.x.x, or 172.16.x.x), then you
should NOT set this as Trusted Zone, which will add your neighbors to your
local network. Instead, if you have multiple machines, add the IP
addresses separately.

Make sure that you are using the latest version of your ISP's software. If
you use a special browser or program for accessing your ISP, it will require
access rights. In addition, if the service uses advertising or banners (such
as free/low cost services), or a Browser Accelerator (including satellite and
free/low cost ISPs), then the software may require Server rights.

Also note that ISPs update their software from time to time, so if it
suddenly stops working, try removing all versions of the ISP's programs
from the Program Panel in ZoneAlarm. Close, then re-open ZA to refresh
the program listing, until that software no longer shows up. Now the
program should ask again for access the next time it runs. You can also
change Program settings from that panel. Contact your ISP for more
help with their server IPs, or their programs.

If you find that your browser continues to be blocked on certain ports (with
changing port numbers), due to the way some browsers use random and
changing port numbers, you may not be able to limit your browser to
certain ports only, and you will likely need to allow access to all ports on
the Options page for that program. To find out how to do this:

- Open ZoneAlarm, then press F1.
- From the search tab, type PORTS
- Double-click on: 'Blocking and Unblocking Ports.'

If your ISP uses DHCP, you will most likely need to give the Windows
Service & Controller Application access rights. Depending on your OS and
configuration, other Windows processes may also require access, such as
for email. To determine what a Windows service is and whether it may
require access or not, try searching for the service name, under your OS,

In some cases your local network or Internet service provider may use
certain servers or other devices which will require less restrictive access.
These may include:

- DNS servers
- DHCP servers
- Local or remote proxy servers
- Gateway computer
- Local routers or ISDN modems

In these cases, you may also need to add the IP addresses of specific
servers to your Trusted Zone (set to Medium or lower). If you check your
Alerts log, you will see entries for these types of servers, including the IP
addresses you will need to add. You may also need to check the DHCP
and/or the DNS box under Firewall -> Main -> Internet Zone -> Custom, if
you do not have them added to your Trusted Zone. The default settings
were designed for highest security; however some users may need to
adjust based on their configuration and connection.

Using the STOP or LOCK features will block network access, and DHCP
renewal, possibly causing loss of your Internet connection. If you
experience any problems, do NOT use these.

If you have a static IP address for your broadband connection, by adding
your IP address to your Trusted Zone (at Medium or lower), you can use
ZoneAlarm at High security. To find out how to do this, open ZoneAlarm,
then press F1. From the search tab, type address (no quotes). Then
double-click on 'Adding to the Trusted Zone.'

You can allow access to only your ISP's servers (such as DNS or DHCP) by
adding them to your Trusted Zone, and Unchecking the Block Local Servers
box. Other servers on the Internet will still be blocked with the Block
Internet Servers box checked. NOTE - If you do not have your ISP's server
in your Trusted Zone, and you have the Block Internet Servers box
checked, you will not be able to renew your DHCP or access DNS, causing
you to lose your connection and have no access.

NOTE: Some of these servers may use your Services and Controller App
(services.exe, or svchost.exe). You should see these applications as
blocked in your alerts log. In these cases, you will need to give these
applications access or server rights from the Programs panel. The most
secure way to do this:

- Add the server's IP address to your Trusted Zone. You can find this out
from the window in ALERTS & LOGS -> LOG VIEWER, or from the logs
themselves (ZAlogs.txt), and can be verified through your ISP.
- In the PROGRAM CONTROL -> PROGRAMS window, LEFT-click under the
TRUSTED column of the program, then click ALLOW
- Follow the same procedures to BLOCK the Internet column of the
program (so that a red X appears).

As long as you do not have Block Local Servers checked, this should be
sufficient. You may need to do this for other applications that use Services
and Controller App -- just add the IP address of the server you are using
for that application.

With ZA, all Internet connections can be configured to accept DHCP
renewals and run at high security. To find out how to do this:

- Open The ZoneAlarm console, then press F1.
- From the search tab, type ports (no quotes).
- Double-click on Blocking and Unblocking Ports. Use the instructions under
Blocking or unblocking ports in the firewall. Bootp(s) and Bootpc (ports 67
and 68) is the bootstrap protocol server. Inbound and Outbound UDP are
needed by most home and corporate users to permit the use of the bootp
service from a DHCP server which enables a machine to discover its own IP
address. For more info on this, try searching online at

If ZA continues to give you pop-ups indicating that a new network has
been detected, please do the following:

1) Click on Firewall -> Main tab -> Advanced button.
2) Under Network Settings, check either the Include networks in the
Trusted Zone upon detection radio button or the Exclude networks in
the Trusted Zone upon detection.
3) Click OK.

Note that you may NOT remove or block an active network connection. As
long as your subnet has already been detected, you should no longer
receive network detection popup alerts.

If these steps do not fix the problem, then you will most likely need to set
your Internet Security to Medium. To do this:

- Open ZoneAlarm and click Firewall on the left
- Click Main in the upper right
- Lower the Internet Security slider to medium

Setting the Internet security level to Medium does not leave you
unprotected, as ZoneAlarm, in addition its firewall capabilities, provides
protection against hackers through its unique application control feature.
Our product only allows applications the user specifically approves to
communicate via the Internet. Our two measures of security taken
together provide the utmost protection for our users.

Note- Links to sites other than are provided for the
convenience of our users. ZoneAlarm does not provide, and is not
responsible for, the content users may find on such sites.



If you need additional assistance with a paid ZoneAlarm product, please contact a live support agent using our Live Chat option below:

Our agents are standing by
to help you. Click to chat.
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Last Update: Jan 19, 2013
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