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You will need the appropriate ZoneAlarm product license key when downloading and installing a ZoneAlarm product. (ZoneAlarm Free Firewall and ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus +Firewall doesn't require a license key)  If you download and install the wrong ZoneAlarm product your license key will appear as expired or you will end up with a 30 day trial.

If you do not remember which product you purchased online or have misplaced your license key you can login to your Online Account to look up your order history and get your license key and product info.

ZoneAlarm multi-language version (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish) (Updated 3-24-2014)


ZoneAlarm Extreme Security -  Click Here to Download  (290MB)  Click Here for Release History

MD5: D3FD80BBFC11FDB1E0B4B5E51C488C85

SHA-1: 99252B4699CFC7C3A85BBD9F7F7C79BE0F563623


ZoneAlarm Security Suite -      Click Here to Download  (270MB)  Click Here for Release History

MD5: 26A94299F8D25258295DB36FCB5D51FD

SHA-1: 52AD642E1A448B4CE35FF354E6E6994A0FC28C38


ZoneAlarm Pro  -                    Click Here to Download  (38.7MB)  Click Here for Release History

MD5: E86056D8B43F240163F4C3D9E52A91A8

SHA-1: 8E41209DD3DCD0413ED1F3FF57B61CD383749938


ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus +Firewall -   Click Here to Download  (187MB)  Click Here for Release History

MD5: A9A45248323969A23C5BB6E824CA7168

SHA-1: C2914254207CC5088B0E1B1CD22A4C88ABD64DED

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall  -   Click Here to Download  (41.3MB)  Click Here for Release History

MD5: B762EAE9634103F89AC6C1E22ACF066E

SHA-1: F1DF3C0A4785F551823FB7023B4DCB7525EF9C58


ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus +Firewall  -   Click Here to Download  (203MB)  Click Here for Release History

MD5: 2BC5A26A0CC1D6AF9EAB74CE5A073053

SHA-1: 17D36EBAC20EA611934C45CFA63B2768685F4481


Last Update: Mar 24, 2014
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