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How to Upgrade your ZoneAlarm software

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When you purchase an upgrade to another product with additional features you need to un-install the ZoneAlarm software that’s already on your PC(s) and install the new product before inputting the new license key.
-Below are steps how to uninstall and download and install your new version.
1. Open ZoneAlarm on your computer. Double click on the ‘Z’ icon in your system tray in the lower right hand corner of your screen near your clock.
2. The ZA information screen should be open now. Click on Overview, and then click on Preferences.
3. Un-check the box called ‘Load ZoneAlarm at startup’ then close ZA.
4. Shutdown and reboot your PC. The ZoneAlarm ‘Z’ icon should not appear in the system tray now after your system reboots.
5. Click ‘Start’ or your windows icon in the lower left hand corner of your screen.
6. Click Control Panel  OR  Settings

(Depending on your OS version you will click one of the following)

  • Programs – Uninstall a program
  • Programs and Features
  • Add or Remove Programs

7. Select ZoneAlarm from the list of programs and click uninstall

8. Follow the prompts during the uninstall process. (You may be required to reboot after it has finished)
9. Download our clean up utility from the following link and run the utility

10. If you have not already downloaded your new ZoneAlarm software Please do so by Clicking Here

Note: Downloading the incorrect version will result in software that will be in 30 day trial mode and will expire when you input your license key.

11. After the download has completed locate the ZoneAlarm installer and double click the icon to start the installer.
12. We highly suggest you take all the default settings and suggestions from the installer.  Your system may require a reboot to complete the installation.
13. After rebooting you will be presented with a screen that will ask you if you want to buy, or continue trial or ‘Do you have a ZoneAlarm key? Enter it below’
14.  Now you can copy and paste your license key from your order confirmation email into the field for your key, then click the Authorize Key button.
15.  You should receive a message that your key was accepted. If it was not accepted double check that you have Copy and Pasted the key from the order confirmation email.

Note: Typing the key in by hand could result in errors.

Also be sure you have installed the proper product for which they key is used for.
For example a ZoneAlarm Extreme key will not work in ZoneAlarm internet security suite


If you need additional assistance with a paid ZoneAlarm product, please contact a live support agent using our Live Chat option below:

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to help you. Click to chat.
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Last Update: Jul 31, 2015
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