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How to back-up and restore ZoneAlarm program settings.

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To back-up your program settings before starting a new installation.

Version 13.x and above:

1.       Open ZoneAlarm.

2.       Click on the Tools dropdown menu.

3.       Click on Preferences.

4.       In the Backup and Restore Security setting section Click on the Backup button.

5.       Select your Desktop to save the settings file to.

6.       Specify a file name in the field provided.

7.       Click the Save button.

8.       When completed you will get a notification window letting you know.

9.       Proceed with your upgrade to ZoneAlarm.


 Restore your settings- After installation is completed you can restore your previous settings.

1.       Open ZoneAlarm

2.       Click on the Tools dropdown menu

3.       Click on Preferences

4.       In the Backup and Restore Security setting section Click on the Restore button.

5.       Select the Desktop (or the location where you saved the backup)

6.       Select the file you named during the backup.

7.       Click Open

- When the restore has completed a window will appear confirming this.




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Last Update: Mar 18, 2015
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