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You will need the appropriate ZoneAlarm product license key when downloading and installing a ZoneAlarm product. (ZoneAlarm Free Firewall and ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus +Firewall doesn't require a license key)  If you download and install the wrong ZoneAlarm product your license key will appear as expired or you will end up with a 30 day trial.

If you do not remember which product you purchased online or have misplaced your license key you can login to your Online Account to look up your order history and get your license key and product info.

ZoneAlarm multi-language version (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish) (Updated 4-29-2014)


ZoneAlarm Extreme Security -  Click Here to Download  (294.5MB)  Click Here for Release History

MD5: 2205D1A1BE3BB6FCEFFB6E3C25B109A2

SHA-1: FC7393D6D805E1B4A133EB345CA38D73CC72E2C8


ZoneAlarm Security Suite -      Click Here to Download  (275.5MB)  Click Here for Release History

MD5: DC17D31E38BD255D1390805FCA1E55FC

SHA-1: 030275F2CE250D8C4160C8EBEC4BD987E134491D


ZoneAlarm Pro  -                    Click Here to Download  (38MB)  Click Here for Release History

MD5: BE0ABB48D55F9A80B28E49103226303C

SHA-1: FFF111E807AEC20F3BCEB36D553CB7A4193B844F


ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus +Firewall -   Click Here to Download  (193MB)  Click Here for Release History

MD5: 577486C454F7D5C50DDA70A6D5839FD1

SHA-1: 9CDF36C5409A96BA11F9BECF916B643F5C4926FE

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall  -   Click Here to Download  (40.6MB)  Click Here for Release History

MD5: A7A616F0902E41621EB15EDB50F209CF

SHA-1: 1849F13349ED79A909648D0940F0EE8477C92FDF


ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus +Firewall  -   Click Here to Download  (209MB)  Click Here for Release History

MD5: EEAD7AE01F7BB6D365EC000813851459

SHA-1: B90D58E3ADBEA358DE1EBF4E34247E265C81CACC


Last Update: May 1, 2014
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