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ZoneAlarm is using a lot of CPU or memory resources

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The resources used by any program is directly proportional to the amount
of processing it is doing (in this case, more Internet traffic, such as
running a web server or sharing lots of file uploads and downloads via a
file sharing program, means more resources used). Depending on system
configuration, and the applications you are running at the time, you may
also see Internet speeds slow a little bit with ZoneAlarm running.

Users will also see more resource usage during the Program Learning
phase, right after installation. This should go down after a few days to a
week, when you set the Program setting to High, taking ZA out of learning
mode. Note that when the ZA icon appears at the bottom of your screen,
that is only the User Interface - the actual firewall service starts much

If resource usage remains high, there are several possible solutions:

1. Upgrade to the latest version. Be sure to use the 'Clean Install' option.

2. Set the number of alerts shown to 50. While this number can be set as
high as 999, please remember that these are stored in memory as well,
and will take more resources.


High CPU, vsmon locked up, Event Log message about deleting corrupt

If you have any antivirus scanning email attachments as well as MailSafe,
try turning one off if you are experiencing performance or high CPU issues
(if you are running ZA Pro, we suggest you leave MailSafe on and set to
scan All attachment types listed; then set your antivirus to not scan email
attachments; BUT, set your antivirus to scan All Files On Access. This
actually gives you the best of both worlds!)

If you use a proxy system, such as web-based Anonymizer, Privacy
settings may affect Internet speeds. Try lowering Privacy settings to see if
that helps.

If you find that vsmon is using all of your CPU time, try disabling programs
one at a time to see if you can locate the conflict. Also be sure to watch
your Alerts in ZA. If you find a specific program that appears to have a
conflict with ZA, please forward that information to us for investigation,
along with steps on how to reproduce the issue.

Note - Links to sites other than are provided for the
convenience of our users. ZoneAlarm does not provide, and is not
responsible for, the content users may find on such sites.

Last Update: Nov 16, 2011
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