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Ordering Terms and Conditions

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Ordering Terms and Conditions


Please review your order information carefully prior to clicking the “Submit Order” button Cruiser Customizing, Inc. will not be responsible for the submission of inaccurate order information including, but not limited to billing and shipping information.



 If there is an error in your completed order or you need to cancel, please contact customer service.  Please be aware that your order is processed immediately upon completion and Cruiser Customizing, Inc. can not be held responsible for shipping an order prior to cancellation.  As our customer, you are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of your contact information and the contents of your order.



 When selecting the “I want my items faster. Ship items as they become available.” option, your order will be processed immediately.  It can not be corrected or canceled by our customer service department. Credit card payment is required for this option and you will receive a separate charge for each shipment on your billing statement.  Please be aware, you will only be charged when your items ship.



By checking the box next to “I agree to terms and conditions” you are acknowledging a clear understanding and acceptance of the above items

Last Update: Sep 22, 2014
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